New Bug Of Microsoft Computer Battery: Loses 25% Power In 7 Minutes

- Sep 04, 2019-

According to some users report, their Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro4 face battery power supply problem after Windows system updated .

According varies postings in Microsoft community forum, users noticed that battery of their brand new computer such as Surface Laptop2 and Surface Pro 4 can only supplies few hours.

Although this could be a hardware problem, it also could be a bug of windows 10 software or a problem caused by update of firmware. All of postings are created in recent times, this situation indicates that the problem of battery may be caused by update of computer patches.

Some Surface Laptop2 users states that the quantity of electricity of batteries decrease 20% to 30% within a few minutes, while some people believe that this bug maybe related to the update of Microsoft.

“I have same problems,100% quantity of electricity in office,75% quantity of electricity after driving to my home. This problem started since the latest update of hardware.

“I want to report the same question. I think this problem would not happened in one day. It seems happened after the shut down event. Within 7 minutes, the quantity of electricity decreases to 75%.”Another Surface laptop2 users confirmed the battery problem.   

In Microsoft community forum, some users records the problem about battery exhaustion.