What Do You Know About The Black Technology Of New Energy Vehicles?

- Oct 22, 2019-

With the development of the times, the application of various high-tech technologies in the car has gradually increased, from simple radio functions to auto-driving of vehicles, electricization of new energy vehicles, and construction of vehicle systems. It is brand new, and in the case of black technology, the interpretation of new energy vehicles is exhaustive.

I have a lot to say about black technology. First of all, for domestic car companies, there is a power-changing technology. The power-changing technology solves the problem of no charging pile or insufficient battery life to a certain extent, followed by wheel power technology. Even in the structure of the vehicle, there is an all-aluminum body. For new energy vehicles, the presence of a battery pack greatly increases the weight of the vehicle. In order to meet the cruising range and also meet the collision safety of the vehicle, it is necessary for the vehicle. Lightweight, so there is an aluminum body that is one of the black technologies.

In the imported new energy models, such as Tesla's automatic driving function, the vehicle's calling function, and the most significant for the new energy vehicles, the most sensible is the people's use of the vehicle's OTA function, this function can be used for the vehicle. Some system defects are remotely repaired, which can make the vehicle reach the best use state. There is fast charging technology on the charging of the vehicle, which can quickly fill 80% of the power in just a few minutes or ten minutes, saving A lot of charging time.

Black technology has added a strong sense of technology to the new energy vehicle or the automobile industry. At the same time, it is able to use the vehicle better under the leadership of the black technology. At the same time, it also creates momentum for the development of new energy vehicles, and more directly attracts more people.