New Technology For Solar Energy Battery: Charging The Mobile Phone

- Sep 06, 2019-

Recently ,it is reported that German scientists have invented a translucent colored sunglasses lens which can use solar energy to charge the mobile phone.

Similar to ordinary lenses ,it is 1.6mm thick and weighs 6 grams, which is of commercial value, a microprocessor and two power displays can show the light intensity and ambient temperature.

In addition, a transparent, lightweight organic solar cell is embedded in these lenses, and

can be made into different shapes and colors. Because it is softer and lighter than traditional solar cells ,it is expected to replace silicon solar cell in the future and be embedded in windows or glass skylights.

      Researchers at the Karlsruhe institute of technology say that this technology has laid the foundation to further study of solar energy, which allows solar energy sunglasses to power itself , measure and display the sunlight intensity and temperature. Otherwise, each lens can generate 200 microwatts of electricity to charger electrical devices such as hearing aids and pedometers.

    A researcher who assist in developing this solar energy sunglasses states that it is flexible, and can be used in the fields which traditional photovoltaic cell can’t not be used. In the future, it be applied to architecture field. For example, let the glass exterior windows convert solar energy into electricity to ensure we can work and live normally when the internal illumination is low.