Ningbo Hepu Rural Light Complementary Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Connected To The Grid Power Generation.

- Jan 18, 2018-

On December 29th, China can build the ningbo crane solar photovoltaic power project, which is built by zhejiang thermal power plant.


It is understood that the project is located in zhejiang, ningbo xiangshan crane PuZhenNa tajima, a total investment of 245 million yuan, covers an area of 900 mu, the installed capacity of 30 megawatts (mw), the new 110 kv booster stations, a new double overhead line 7.3 km, 20 base tower, the expansion of the contralateral variable interval of a 110 kv crane island, the old lines of 110 kv in the capacity of 4.5 km ADSS cable, renovation of 220 kv wan mountain change - 110 kv crane island line two set of optical differential protection, etc.The project is a new type of agricultural light complementing project, which will not change the nature of agricultural land, and realize the "win-win" of clean power generation and efficient planting under the framework.