Ningxia's New Energy Generating Capacity Of 20 Billion Kilowatt-hours

- Dec 12, 2017-

China energy storage network: since the first wind farm in 2003, ningxia's new energy installation has been growing rapidly.So far, new energy generating capacity of 20.4 billion kilowatt-hours of ningxia power grid, new energy total installed capacity of 15.3 million kilowatts, accounting for 42% of the unit adjustment with a total installed capacity, ranked first in the north-west of new energy power accounted.

According to state grid in ningxia electric power company, to ensure the smooth interconnection, the approval of new energy installed 330 kv song fort, ningxia has built this year was put into operation with benefit, hua yan and people vote in new energy centralized access to stand, and capacity of 220 kv east palm lines, dongpo lines of reform, the new rebuilt 110 kv jujube III light line, WeiGuang II line, Song Runjia b line send engineering, etc.

In ningxia will, improve technology and equipment, wind power, photovoltaic run key information into the grid real-time monitoring, operations monitoring information access rate is 100%, the implementation of new energy and built in ningxia grid integrated power prediction system, advancing a new energy terminal power prediction station construction.

To widen the channel of the new energy given to encourage new energy power generation enterprises to participate in ningxia electric power for medium and long-term trading directly, in the implementation of ningxia new energy power trade of 4.42 billion KWH, cross-regional power inter-district trade of 2.14 billion KWH, reduce abandoned new energy electricity rate at about two percent.In addition, the state grid in ningxia electric power company also coordinate the self-provided power plant shut down alternative agreement with new energy power generation enterprise, through the direct way to trade preaching, years with a total 11 self-provided power plant shut down, to complete the new energy instead of coal-fired self-provided power plant of 1.06 billion KWH.