Nissan Began Selling Home Solar And Energy Storage Products In The UK

- May 26, 2018-

Nissan, the carmaker, confirmed it launched its first residential solar and storage products in the UK in February.

Gareth Dunsmore, head of European electric cars at nissan, said the product would allow British consumers to save significantly on their home electricity costs.

Dunsmore also said nissan's solution represented a "new opportunity" for the UK to expand its base of 880,000 solar homes.However, the launch of its products is still behind schedule.After its launch in February, nissan said it expected to start selling the product "in two to three weeks."

Nissan's online portal is now launched the product, and are similar to those of retail giant ikea deployment strategy, nissan will also use the solar energy company Solarcentury services provided by the company.

Residential customers need to provide their details and choose a portfolio of solar and battery energy storage products, after selecting them, and then start installing them.The solar cell is provided by Hanwha Q Cells and LG, battery energy storage system is a nissan xStorage battery production, the company will with Eaton engineering solutions company development and production.

The solar power + storage system costs about 3,800 pounds, plus an additional 10,000 pounds for solar panels and storage facilities.