Nissan Has Launched A Home Photovoltaic System In The UK That Can Charge Electric Cars

- Jun 08, 2018-

According to us media reports, nissan has officially launched a home solar system in the UK that not only can meet the daily needs of households, but also can charge electric cars.

日产在英国推出家庭光伏发电系统 可为电动汽车充电

Nissan's home solar system is a new home energy solution that integrates solar photovoltaic panels, power storage and home energy management systems.It starts at 3,881 pounds (35,000 yuan), and the basic version costs include solar, energy management and a 5% VAT.The energy system could save British households up to 66% of their electricity bill.

Gareth Dunsmore, nissan's European director of electric vehicles, said nissan's solar system is a complete home energy production, management and storage system.It would allow British homeowners to slash their annual electricity bills and become leaders in sustainable development and green technology.At present, Britain has more than 880000 people have been used for solar panels, and nissan's high level of integration of the energy management system make solar facilities construction to a new level, the number of users of solar energy will increase exponentially in the future.