Nissan's 'rebirth Lamp' : Using Old Batteries And Solar Power

- Apr 02, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, electric car manufacturers are looking for new ways to reuse the waste batteries, and their initiatives have become more innovative.Nissan unveiled its new vertical street lamp on March 22, 2018, which USES the used batteries and solar power from the nissan Leaf.


Nissan, in partnership with its affiliated 4R Energy Corporation, will no longer rely on the local grid for power supply in Namie, Japan, according to new street lamps.

Both sides responsible for the integration of the street light design process (from the ground up), the nissan Leaf used car batteries are integrated into the street, and at the top of the street lamps add the solar module, can charge the battery in the daytime.

In addition, the street lamp sample will be tested at the namie battery recycling plant of the 4R company on June 26.According to nissan, new street lights will be installed throughout the year.

The project, called Reborn Light, is the latest use case for recycling of used batteries.Earlier, the BMW i3 car battery for energy storage projects, and Renault will Zoe models used batteries used for household energy storage products and energy storage system, aiming at its off-grid charging station to provide power.