Octopus Of The UK Has Entered The Australian Renewable Energy Market

- Jul 12, 2018-

Octopus, a uk-based solar investment management company, has opened an office in Melbourne, Victoria, marking an expansion in Australia's renewable energy market.

Octopus has been active in the European solar sector since 2011, providing flexible financing opportunities for photovoltaic projects.The company plans to invest in its own funds and attract local investment into Australia's renewable energy market, gradually building a sizable portfolio over time.


"Australia has outstanding solar and wind resources and has the potential to be a leader in renewable energy," said Matt Setchell, head of Octopus's energy investment team.Over the past five years, the Australian team has built the company into Europe's largest solar investment management company.The combination provides an exciting opportunity for the company to become an important player in Australia's energy transformation.

Octopus, head of Australia's new office Sam Reynolds said, adding: "we will use of rich experience in the European market to rein in the rapid development of the market, bring suitable investment opportunities for investors."