Oman Plans To Have 3,000 Megawatts Of Green Energy By 2025

- Jan 05, 2018-

Oman plans to carry out a series of solar and wind power projects by 2025, generating between 2, 500 and 3, 000 megawatts of electricity, according to a senior official at Oman's electricity and water procurement company (OPWP).

According to insiders, the financial and energy commission has mandated that OPWP has an obligation to ensure that at least 10% of its energy production comes from renewable sources by 2025.Our goal is to exceed that goal by 2019, at least two projects."

He adds that all of these projects are based mainly on photovoltaic (PV) systems and wind power.The projects are expected to have hundreds of megawatts of massive power generation capacity.

It is understood that the proposed north-south interconnection project is also being planned to link the main interconnected grid (MIS) in northern Oman to the Dhofar system (al Kiyumi).