Miniature Paper Batteries C Ome Out Or Replace Button Batteries

- Sep 26, 2019-

Recently, JuanPablo Esquivel, an electronics engineer at the National Electronics Center of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has developed a miniature paper battery that can be used to power the device for simple diagnostics.

Unlike common rechargeable batteries, the fuel cell converts the chemical energy of the fuel into electrical energy through a redox reaction. Since there is no high-temperature combustion process, nitrogen and sulfur oxides are hardly emitted, and the environmental pollution is small.

Esquivel pointed out that usually household instruments such as blood glucose meters and urine testers are disposable, and the button lithium battery inside cannot be replaced. When the power is less than 1%, it will be discarded. The micro-paper batteries they developed can provide the required power to the instrument while using body fluids as test samples.

According to reports, micro-paper batteries are mainly based on paper, and then integrated with paper and other electronic components using printed electronics to form a closed electrochemical system. According to Esquivel, the battery is small, low-cost, and non-polluting. It is thrown away without polluting the environment and does not require recycling.