Electric Car Battery Is Not Durable? Maybe These Parts Are Out Of Order!

- Nov 08, 2019-

It has been nearly 160 years since Prande invented lead-acid batteries. With the continuous improvement of technology, the technology of lead-acid batteries we use now is quite mature. It is limited by the chemical properties of lead-acid batteries. The space where density can be improved is not large. In theory, it has reached its limit, and why is the current lead-acid battery not durable enough in the past? In fact, it is not the cause of the battery, but is affected by these components!

The influence of the charger on the battery is the first. The charger is not suitable or inferior. The charger is easy to charge the battery. The main reason is that the current is too large or the current is unstable, lack of current protection, and cannot be powered off. Lead to a serious chemical reaction inside the lead-acid battery, resulting in a large amount of heat, resulting in battery bulging, and even scrapped, poor quality charger is also easy to catch fire, threatening human life. Buying a charger must not be cheap, maybe your loss will be even bigger!

The electric wire is like the capillary of an electric car, and the electric energy is led to each electric appliance of the vehicle body. The level of the electric resistance directly affects the energy consumption of the battery, and the electric resistance coefficient. We all know that the larger the electric resistance, the higher the calorific value, the same reason. If the body line resistance is large, the loss of the battery itself is also large, and the service life is also reduced.

Generally, when buying an electric car, you must look at the wiring situation of the electric car and the quality of the electric wire. The low-cost electric car generally uses inferior copper wire, which not only saves electricity but also damages the battery!

The controller, the controller is the brain of the electric vehicle, and is also the distribution center of the current. If the controller is not good or disordered, the current will be unstable. The excessive power output of the controller will cause the battery to discharge at a high current or damage the controller. After that, it will steal electricity, causing the battery to lose power, which is also an important factor leading to battery loss.

Tires, on the surface, it seems that the tires have little to do with the battery. In fact, the tire is the only carrier that contacts the ground and carries the weight of the whole car. It is naturally the hardest part. The friction of the tire directly affects the power consumption of the electric vehicle. Similar to the fuel consumption of the car, the friction of the electric vehicle tire is too large, similar to snow tires, off-road tires, the batteries of these cars are often in a high-power state, faster than the loss of ordinary tires!

In-vehicle electrical appliances, in addition to conventional electrical appliances such as motors, controllers, chargers, instrument lamps, etc., electric vehicles are now equipped with many high-end configurations, such as seat heating, handle heating, LED long-distance lighting headlights, high fidelity There are many high-profile configurations such as audio and even driving recorders. In fact, these appliances are very expensive, especially LED high-lighting headlights, which are generally around 45W-60W, especially for electricity. If these high-performance functions are on, If you do, the damage to the battery is also great, you will find that the battery will become less and less durable!