Panasonic Has Invested $1.6bn In Tesla's Supercell Plant

- Jul 04, 2018-

On July 2, according to foreign media reports, as a tesla's battery suppliers, panasonic has to tesla Nevada super battery factory invested $1.6 billion, would also consider an additional investment.


Tesla's battery factory located in Reno, Nevada, have not yet been completed, but some have begun to put into use, its battery is required for the production of electric cars, mostly from the factory, is completed and plans to invest $5 billion.

Tesla super battery factory, Nevada is operating jointly by tesla and its partners panasonic battery, of course, panasonic have investment in the factory, is currently has invested $1.6 billion.

Although panasonic's initial investment in the tesla supercell plant has been completed and it has not yet decided whether it will invest in the future, its executives have said they will consider additional investment.

Revealed that the news is panasonic, head of Ito, it would produce (Ito Yoshio), the local time on Sunday said when asked whether they would invest, if asked to do so, they will consider.