Panasonic Will Supply Honda With Lithium-ion Batteries For Use In Replaceable Battery Packs

- Sep 03, 2018-

Panasonic Corp will supply Honda Motor Co Ltd with vehicle lithium-ion batteries, foreign media reported.The battery's multiple units combined into a "" replaceable battery pack" "will be used for Honda's pedal electric two-wheeled vehicle (electric motorcycle) and compact four-wheel electric vehicle.

松下将向本田供应锂离子电池 用于可更换电池组

The replaceable lithium-ion battery Pack is called the Honda Mobile Power Pack and has a handle on top.The battery pack is estimated to weigh 8 kg and can be lifted by a woman with one hand.Panasonic and Honda said they had not yet decided on the number of cells in the battery pack and the capacity of the battery.However, the battery capacity may be 1 to 1.5 KWH, given the convenience.

Using replaceable batteries has three advantages.Specifically, (1) it can reduce the time required for battery charging;(2) old batteries can be replaced with new ones in line with current technology development;(3) the same battery can be used for multiple purposes, thus reducing the purchase price of the car.

The mobile power pack can be used on electric scooters and compact electric cars, as well as writer's batteries.Compact electric vehicles that support mobile power packs will soon become commercially available.In battery tests, Honda is expected to use an suv built on two compact electric vehicles fitted with the Honda mobile power pack 4w-vehicle concept and illuminated at the 2018 international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.Two or more battery packs will be provided on both sides of the suv.