Paris Has Reached 100 Hydrogen Taxis

- Aug 21, 2018-

According to foreign websites, with the latest batch of hydrogen-powered taxis joining the operation team, the fleet of hydrogen-powered taxis owned by "Hype" in Paris has reached 100."Hype" was set up in late 2015 by a French startup, STEP (French electric taxi electric company), in partnership with air liquide, which mainly operates the Toyota Mirai.


The founder of Hype, Mathieu Gardies, was accompanied by Didier Leroy, executive vice President of Toyota motor, and the CEO of air liquide, to attend the delivery ceremony of the latest batch of 25 new hydrogen-powered vehicles, the Mirai.So far the company has owned more than 100 hydrogen-powered taxis, marking a new phase in the deployment of hydrogen-powered taxi fleets.The company expects to have 600 vehicles by the end of 2020.Air liquide will also support the establishment of a network of hydrogenation stations to continue to support the development of the "Hype" fleet.

Hydrogen will play an important role in the development of clean transportation. Fuel cell vehicles are one of the most important development directions for new energy vehicles.Hydrogen in fuel cells combines with oxygen in the air to produce electricity. The only by-product is water, which does not cause any pollution when used and can achieve zero greenhouse gases, zero particles and zero noise.The Mirai car, which Hype USES, takes less than five minutes to hydrogenate and travels about 500km.