Grove Settled In Jiading Jian Refers To Hydrogen Passenger Car

- Dec 06, 2019-

On April 17, at the Shanghai International Auto Show in 2019, Wuhan Geological Resources and Environmental Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. and the Jiading District People's Government of Shanghai signed the "Shanghai Grove Hydrogen Automotive Innovation and Development Headquarters Strategic Cooperation Agreement" Following the Wuhan base, Jiading was again selected to develop a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

The two sides agreed to establish the Shanghai Grove Hydrogen Automotive Innovation and Development Headquarters Base in Jiading District by 2021, and rely on the Institute of Environmental and Industrial Research to establish a regional R & D headquarters base for the global integration of strategic innovation resources for the hydrogen energy automotive industry to develop a global competitiveness Hydrogen passenger cars, the introduction and construction of the world's leading hydrogen energy vehicle industry chain innovation resources, the creation of hydrogen energy vehicle research and development headquarters base, and the cultivation of the hydrogen energy industry cluster.

According to the agreement, Jiading District will provide all-round support for project settlement, including funds, land, policies (including but not limited to tax incentives, human resources, infrastructure, etc.), subsidies, and markets.

It is reported that Grove will set up high-end experience centers in luxury business districts in major cities in the country, adopt intimate services of professional one-to-one concept interpretation, and sell in non-traditional modes. . Grove sales outlets will be completed in first-tier cities in 2020, and will begin to expand to second-tier cities in 2021. It will enter third-tier cities in 2022 and radiate to the whole country. I believe that in the near future, you can see Grove's graceful posture in your city.

As a matter of fact, the prototype of the hydrogen-powered passenger car developed by Grove was successfully developed in China Optics Valley as early as March this year, and three high-end hydrogen-powered vehicles positioned at the Shanghai Auto Show were exhibited. The husband's success has caused a huge response in the industry. At the same time, the ObsidianSport and Obsidian, which are positioned as high-end technology SUVs, have also officially launched pre-sale, with a starting price of about 750,000-1 million yuan.

According to official data, the new hydrogen SUVs Obsidian and ObsidianSport are positioned as E-class mid-size luxury hydrogen SUVs with body lengths of 5150/2030 / 1710mm and a wheelbase of 3080mm. The vehicle adopts a five-seater layout, a load-bearing full carbon fiber body and full power hydrogen power. The vehicle has a high level of light weight, and adopts an intelligent four-wheel drive system. It has a range of 1200 kilometers with hydrogen and a maximum output power of 280kW, a maximum torque of 530Nm, and a maximum speed of 180km / h. It takes 6.5 seconds.

Grove Hydrogen Motor Company is a complete vehicle company focusing on hydrogen passenger cars, established by Wuhan Institute of Geological Resources, Environment and Industrial Technology (IGE). Its headquarters is located in Wuhan. The European design headquarters is located in Barcelona, Spain, and it is located in Wuhan and Chongqing. factory. According to the package agreement signed between Grove and Grove and global well-known suppliers and cities that are interested in the development of the hydrogen vehicle industry at the auto show site, Grove will set up its East China regional headquarters base in Shanghai Jiading in the future, and it will be integrated with German FEV in the future. A number of cooperations have been reached in the specific business of vehicle development, and Germany and Hofer jointly set up a joint venture to provide Grove with electronic drivetrain solutions. In addition, Grove also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Brazil ’s State Government of Minas Gerais to cooperate in the development of the hydrogen vehicle industry in the state and other regions.

It is understood that Grove has not been established for a long time. In just one year, it first developed a hydrogen energy passenger car, and later took the lead in launching a hydrogen energy "sharing car" project in Chongqing. The company's every move While shocking the industry, many questions have arisen. Given the relative backwardness of domestic hydrogen energy infrastructure and hydrogen fuel cell technology, can Grove's hydrogen energy industry blueprint be successfully realized? What kind of "new breath" this Jiading will bring to the development of Shanghai's hydrogen energy industry is worth looking forward to.