PLB, One Integrated Solution Manufacturer

- Sep 26, 2016-

I am Yanli, a graduated college student. PLB is the first company that I worked for. That was a day, I put my resume on Zhitong Human Resource Market, which was a job-hunting website, popular in Guangdong province. Big surprise to me, that I received a phone call from the PLB company, and I was told to get an job interview in PLB. And then I become one of the members of PLB.I was so excited and rushed to my friends, can’t wait to share this piece of awesome news to my friends. They were so jealous about I was gonna work in PLB, well, they hold a wonderful party for me, cause I got my first job in a excellent company.

   PLB is a new technology company with one-stop service on developing, designing, manufacturing, selling and service. There are lithium-ion cell and PACK two business departments, lithium-ion cell, BMS and PACK three R & D Center. PLB owns the independent lithium-ion cell technology, battery pack technology and battery management system technology. PLB is a integrated manufacturer, focusing on high-quality 26650 lithium-ion cell, BMS& PACK. PLB offers comprehensive and one-stop solution scheme, and PLB commits to global upmarket  lithium-ion cell supplier.

I enjoy the days that I work in PLB. Everyone is glad to help me when I meet the professional problems on our products or something. There was a day, my customer messaged me that why the prices of our lithium-ion cells, portable power supplies and battery pack were a little higher than that of other companies, I was just stuck, I knew that we got higher quality, but I really didn’t know how to express that in a professional way, I felt bad. However, my colleagues saw my problems, Alyn and Mr.Zhao came to me , they encouraged me, and patiently told me how to express that to my customer. 10 minutes later, I replied to my customer of the reason why the prices of PLB’ products were a little bit higher than that of national battery companies, that was because PLB’s batteries got better performance,  longer life cycle, high-consistency and ensured security.

After that, I realize, I need to get to our cell and pack workshops more often, so that I can get how the lithium-ion cells are produced,  and what is the reason that our lithium-ion cells are successfully tested and then enter the Ministry of Industry and Information Directory.

When I am going to enter the cell workshop, while, I am told to put on the mask and overshoes, wear the specific clothes and a hat. I really show my respect to the stuff and the strict production of PLB. In the workshop, I can see that,  the team experts are from same industry professional on cells with various successful project experience, R&D capacity ,quality controlled, which all enjoyed high reputation. Particularly good at 18650, 26650 etc LiFePO4 & NiCoMn power battery. There are 50+ properties test, 3 –processes OCV inspection, 350hrs full charge common temp. storage, 72hrs full charge high temp. curing, 128 key quality controlled point. Those control and check system do make sure the long cycle times of our lithium-ion cells, like the LiFePo4 can get 2000 cycle times, and 80% capacity left,  and like our NiCoMn cell can get 1000 cycle times , and 80% capacity left. What’s more, the security of our products has been ensured, since our company has been set up, our cells have never been exploded, which includes the cells that we have sold out.

   Then I enter the pack workshop, my colleagues tell me that pack team experts are from industry listed companies, professional on thermal management, current field management, structural strength designed. As well as cultivating a number of top engineers in the lithium ion field. I do show my big respect to all of my wonderful colleagues, and I feel honored to work with them in PLB. I can see that Battery heating and cooling inconsistent after accumulation can cause cells temperature uneven and directly affect parts of battery shelf life, so our pack team use silicone heating film or liquid cooling transmission heat in winter, use liquid cooling and air cooling in summer, and use the heat equalization technique, which to make sure the high-consistency, high-security, and long life cycle of our battery pack.

After getting to the cell and pack workshops, I feel so lucky, that I am one of the members of PLB company. The stuff in the R&D centers are so experienced and professional, I do respect them so much. And the office stuff are so lovely and nice, I am fresh in work field, while they are patiently to help me when I meet some problems that I am not able to figure out. But I need to work harder, and get the knowledge that I am gonna use that in working.

  PlB company is determined to be floated on the stock market in two years. I am confident about PLB company, and I am confident about myself too. I am sure I can create values for the company!