PLB Won The Bid For China Mobile's 2020 Centralized Purchase Of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

- Apr 29, 2020-

PLB Won the Bid for China Mobile's 2020 Centralized Purchase of Lithium iron Phosphate Batteries

China Mobile ’s centralized procurement of lithium iron phosphate battery products for communications in 2020 has recently begun, and the eight companies that ultimately won the bid are: Zhongtian Technology, Haisida, Shuangdeng Group, EVE Lithium Energy, Narada Power, Xiongtao Power , Coslight Power, Power Long Battery, the lowest bidding price is about 0.661 yuan / Wh for Zhongtian Technology, and the highest bidding price is about 0.744 yuan / Wh for Lilang battery. According to the tender announcement, China Mobile ’s purchase demand for lithium iron phosphate exceeded 1.95GWh, with a maximum price of 2.508 billion yuan, or a unit price of 1.28 yuan / Wh. The final total price of the eight winning bidders was 1.368 billion yuan, 45.47% lower than the original bidding maximum price.