Pleated Graphene Can Produce More Powerful Batteries.

- Jan 25, 2018-

Repeatedly crumple up the nanomaterials graphene, but can enhance some of its properties.Researchers at Northwestern University have found that crumpled-like graphene can be used to enhance the charging properties of lithium batteries and overcome the drawbacks of some lithium-ion batteries.Jiaxing Huang, an associate professor at northwestern university, explains that "in current battery technology, lithium requires an automatic distribution of another material such as graphite or silicon."

"The use of additional materials will attenuate the battery's performance. Lithium is already a metal. Why not use lithium itself?"Because when the battery lithium micro fiber will be accumulated in the surface of electrode, when they disperse branch crystal will ultimately lead to short circuit, so the researchers used the 3 d to enhance performance of graphene materials, prevent the formation of branch crystallization phenomenon.The research team from northwestern university found that the process of folding nano-graphene could significantly increase the storage capacity of lithium batteries, and prevent lithium from forming a branch crystal.Greatly improve the charging performance of lithium batteries.

"Our strategy is to reverse the thinking and the particles are not bound to each other," Huang said.When combined with lithium, it still forms a continuous conductive material.When the lithium is separated, the particle can reconstruct the whole graphene particle layer, which is another kind of continuity, which can greatly increase the number of effective lithium charge and discharge cycles.