Poland's Energy Minister Says Nuclear Power Will Take Priority Over The Sea

- Apr 24, 2018-

BoTongShe on April 16, Poland's energy minister Tchorzewski whole Poland in leather but tusk energy summit, said "everyone wants to funding and construction of offshore wind power, this is a kind of fashion, but first we need to start building the plant", "although differences remain opinion about nuclear power, but if we don't perform nuclear energy program, Poland will not be achieved with the European commission negotiated carbon dioxide emissions targets."

Meanwhile, the minister for investment and development, Kwiecinski, said: "we have to make very careful decisions about building nuclear plants, based on the best analysis.The department of energy has been completed.Given the long investment horizon and big investment, capital and debt financing must be undertaken."We have strong national and financial institutions, and if we make the decision to build a nuclear power plant, Poland is ready to provide its own money, and we are willing to work with investors around the world."