Polymer Lithium Ion Battery And Lithium Ion Battery Differentiate And Contact

- Nov 25, 2017-

Polymer lithium ion batteries are also a type of lithium ion battery.A lithium ion battery is a battery that can be charged and recycled.It relies mainly on the movement of lithium ions between positive and negative polarity to achieve charge and discharge.During the charge and discharge process, the lithium ions are inserted and inserted between the positive and negative electrodes.When charged, the lithium ions are embedded in the anode and the anode is embedded in the cathode.When it's discharging, it's the opposite.Lithium-ion batteries typically use materials that contain lithium as a positive and negative material, which represents high-energy batteries in recent years.

Polymer lithium ion battery is special, because the polymer lithium ion battery electrolyte and adopted by the traditional lithium ion battery is different, the traditional liquid lithium battery electrolyte, and polymer lithium ion battery is a new type of solid electrolyte.They work in a consistent way, but in a different form.The same is true for both positive and negative materials.

By using solid electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte, polymer lithium ion battery can be done very thin, in theory can be made into any shape, conventional made battery shell, lu: su composite film because the use of lightweight enclosure, the battery energy density is higher than steel battery shell or aluminum shell;Lithium polymer batteries currently used in more intelligent devices, mobile phones, tablets, dressing equipment and other products, because the cost of polymer electrolytes is a liquid electrolyte to a much higher, so the cost of polymer lithium ion battery is to use circular or square of liquid electrolyte battery.

The attention of the polymer lithium ion battery

■ Short circuit condition

Polymer lithium ion batteries, which can easily short-circuit during charging.Include: internal short circuit, external short circuit, etc.Although, now most of the lithium ion battery with short circuit protection circuit, and explosion-proof line, but in many cases, the protection circuit may not play a role in any cases, explosion-proof line to the role of is also very limited.

■ Don't overcharge the charge

A polymer lithium ion battery, if the charging time is too long, the likelihood of expansion will increase.

Chemical properties of lithium is very lively, easy to burn, when the battery charge and discharge, inside the battery is on the rise, produced by gas expansion in the process of activation, the battery internal pressure increase, pressure reaches a certain extent, such as shell have scars, which will burst and cause leakage, fire, or even an explosion.

The polymer lithium-ion battery only expands.

■ High battery cost

Because the polymer electrolyte system is very difficult, the production requirement is higher, so the cost is relatively high.