Popular Electric Car Drive Lithium Battery Prosperity

- Dec 13, 2016-

With the rapid growth of domestic electric vehicle industry, as the key material of electric vehicle batteries, "lithium" has become hot, the price per ton from the beginning of 2015 tens of thousands of dollars, rose to the current more than ten million.

"The market supply and demand determined the price. In the second half of 2015, the country has promoted the policy of new energy vehicles, and the electric vehicles go well, the greater demand for lithium resources, driving lithium batteries, lithium resources prices. "

The data from Ministry of Industry shows that in 2015, China's new energy vehicle production and sales year on year increase of 3.3 times, 3.4 times. Including pure electric vehicle production and sales grew 4.2 times and 4.5 times, plug-in hybrid car production and sales grew 1.9 times and 1.8 times.

"China’s power battery production capacity lead in the world. " State Council Development Research Center, deputy director of enterprises, researchers Zhang Yongwei said. China’s lithium resources accounted for about 22% of global lithium resources, power battery consumption accounts for 25% of the global consumer market.

At present, from the upstream resource development, to the middle reaches of the production equipment manufacturing, and then to the downstream lithium battery applications, China has formed a perfect lithium battery industry chain.

"Electric vehicles are booming in China, and by 2018, the demand for electric vehicles is about 4.7 million, and the demand for batteries is about 200 GWh. " LG Chemical Co., Ltd. Vice President Jinxiuling said. Although the Ministry of Industry website announced on the 20th of the fourth batch of battery business directory, still no foreign presence, but this did not change their optimistic expectations of China's battery market.

In fact, in accordance with national planning, by 2020, China's electric vehicle ownership to reach 500 million. In the whole industry chain, the battery is the most critical link, accounting for vehicle costs 40% -60%.

China’s electric vehicle technology is lithium battery and fuel cell. "The mainstream of electric vehicles or lithium batteries, even with a fuel cell, also need a lithium battery, because the fuel cell is not a high power density. The demand for lithium batteries, lithium resources can be imagined. "BYD President Wang Chuanfu said.

"Now the battery technology and battery industry has gained more and more countries attention, the important reason behind the countries are the battery and the new energy revolution linked together, which gives the battery industry provides a great imagination." China Electric Car 100 will be chairman Chen Qingtai said.

But the electric vehicle and the vast majority of technology mainly rely on the market power development path is different. Its positive externality, causes each country government to become the first impetus of the industrialization.

"This is not sustainable, and ultimately enterprises must follow the track on its own development market." Chen Qingtai believed. From the long term, the primary factor determines the development of electric vehicles in China is not today's rapid expansion of production capacity investment, but continued accumulation Of the technological breakthrough.