Power Batteries Will Be Centrally “decommissioned” And Used Power Batteries Have Both A Crisis And A Business Opportunity

- Jul 10, 2019-

First cascade utilization and then disassembly recycling.


Getting rid of power batteries might be “a hot potato”,but it can also turn waste into wealth by correct handling. In experts’ view,it will be expected that the retired lithium battery of new energy vehicles will be about 50GWh by 2020,and the market space will reach 10 billion in RMB. However,power battery recycling faces many limitations and high technical barriers due to its large size and complex composition.


A technician from Beijing automotive new energy told that power batteries are no longer suitable for new energy vehicles when their capacity falls below 70% of the rated capacity based on the standard. But the chemical composition inside the battery has not changed and it can  store some of the power. So it can be collected and used in less demanding places. This is called “cascade utilization”. But the problem for recycling is that it requires the same model and parameters to be able to be put together. The technician believes that since China has not issued a unified standard for power batteries,it will be difficult for them to be widely used.


Up to now,China has no large-scale enterprises involved in power battery recycling. The reason is that the cost of recycling and dismantling exceeds the value of the battery and there is no profit.


Enterprises should be responsible and policies should be supported.


Whether it's cascade utilization or recyling and disassembly,the premise is to monitor the flow of used batteries and ensure that they flow to qualified and skilled manufacturers, so that the whole industry can operate in a healthy and orderly manner.