Power Battery PACK Technology Can Improve The Safety Performance Of Electric Vehicles

- Sep 25, 2017-

Today, the number of electric vehicles on the street is growing, and the electric car industry is booming.Electric cars are known for their low carbon environmental protection, fast starting and energy saving.

However, in recent years, a number of electric car spontaneous combustion events in various parts of the country have raised questions about the safety of electric vehicles.One common feature of these accidents is that the power battery pack or structural failure of its body can cause a short circuit, leading to a fire.As we all know, the power battery pack is in the vehicle position, as if the heart is in the human body, is one of the most central parts of the vehicle.It is through the PACK group process, multiple battery module and battery management system (BMS), battery support and protection system, cooling system, the change of charge and discharge connection device of multiple systems assembled.The performance of electric vehicle is closely related to the performance of power battery pack.

PACK forming process is a key step in power battery PACK production, and its importance is becoming more and more obvious as the electric vehicle market expands.At present, the battery PACK industry is still in the emerging industry in China, and the technology and equipment are not mature, and the overall quality of technicians is not high.The high technology threshold also makes it difficult for enterprises to enter the industry.

In conclusion, the PACK of battery PACK has a direct relationship with the dynamic performance and safety performance of electric vehicles.It's a battery, a battery.The power PACK PACK is a very serious matter.