Power Battery Safety :pack & BMS

- Oct 24, 2016-

Benefit from domestic policies for the development of new energy vehicles and power lithium battery industry vigorously support, surge capacity 2015 new energy vehicles, power battery in short supply, dividend policy benefit the whole industrial chain. The personage inside course of study is expected to 2016 of the first year of power battery development.

There is no doubt that the tendency of power battery application, the first standard of consumers is safety. Recently MIIT suspended ternary lithium battery, 5561 Volkswagen pure electric cars has been recalled for battery management system problem, which raised the public awareness of the power battery safety performance again.

For power battery safety, the battery pack and BMS played an irreplaceable role .

Power battery PACK consists of three parts: battery module, BMS and a fixed frame shell, covering thermal management, structural design, high pressure control, safety management, etc. Among them, the BMS is known as the brain of the electric vehicle power battery system, constituting the three core technologies of electric vehicles with the power batteries and the vehicle control system.

The electric car expert qing-quan Chen has said: a battery pack without battery management system is a bomb. BMS is the core of power battery pack, controlling and optimizing the balanced load capacity, service life and safety. In the new energy automotive industry chain, the value of BMS is very important.

Relevant information shows that BMS has many functions such as preventing overcharge, avoiding discharge, temperature control, keeping the battery components of voltage and temperature balanced, and forecasting the battery remaining power and residual mileage, etc. At the same time BMS has real-time monitoring and adjusting the state of the battery management ability, with multiple parallel subsystem synchronous coordination ability. Through the BMS can accurately measure the battery usage, to protect the battery not over charge and discharge, balance each battery power battery pack, as well as the analysis and calculation of battery power and converted into understandable range information, ensure the security of the power battery operation.

Released at the ministry of science and technology of 2016 national "new energy vehicles" pilot special file, power battery and battery management system has been listed as key research tasks, among them, the "charging infrastructure for BMS protection demand response rate of 100%" is listed as one of the safe operation of the electric car infrastructure and connectivity is one of the technical aspects of evaluation indexes.

Despite the BMS for electric cars is very important, but because of the relatively low proportion in the whole vehicle cost, is not subject to the attention of the automobile enterprise for a long time, lack of experience in design and production. the BMS products do fine and stronger, domestic enterprises in the field of power battery BMS still has a long way to go, but due to the sudden outbreak of new energy automobile production, rapid expansion of downstream application market time is not enough to BMS industry's growth. the report predicts that by 2020 the vehicle power battery market scale will reach 120 billion RMB. Among them, the passenger car use BMS system accounts for about 10% to 16%, commercial accounts for about 3% to 5%, the domestic electric vehicles. The BMS market scale will reach 17 billion RMB.