How Do You Know The Trend Of Digital Power Design

- Dec 29, 2019-

Foreword: As early as a dozen years ago, companies such as Texas Instruments and Microchip have incorporated digital components in traditional analog power supply designs. Today, information products require smaller volumes, lower costs, and Higher reliability can control the ability, and the traditional analog power supply architecture has obviously not enough applications in this area.

Development Trend of Power Technology

Pictured: switching power conversion system.

The information industry is moving towards smaller processes, and it is expected to bring positive solutions to the power consumption problem. However, the integrated functions of the chip are becoming more and more rapid, and the new process often brings higher power consumption. Electricity and heat. However, the new generation of information products is not only in appearance, but also in volume. There are several advantages to reducing the size of information products. The first is in a wide range of applications, such as inside the enterprise computer room. When the size of the server can be effective If it is reduced, more equipment can be installed within the same unit area and more services can be provided. In other words, the smaller the equipment size, the smaller the equipment room area can be used to obtain the same menu. It's just the shrinking of the equipment volume. Relatively speaking, the power supply system must also cooperate with the shrinking, and the power load that can be supplied must be able to maintain or even surpass the previous level, which is a severe challenge for power supply design manufacturers.

■ Digital power design helps reduce equipment size and enhance management capabilities

Caption: Digital vs. analog circuits.

Although the size of the machine has been reduced, with the increase of efficiency and functions, these relatively small devices will not have the slightest reduction in power consumption. In order to meet the power supply requirements of these devices, the power supply module must be plugged. Into these thin and light enclosures, in addition to the use of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), power field effect transistors (MOSFET), intelligent IGBT power modules (IPM), MOS gate controlled thyristors (MCT), electrostatic induction transistors (SIT), In addition to high-performance components such as recovery diodes, non-inductive capacitors, non-inductive resistors, new magnetic materials and transformers, and EMI filters, digital PWM and full digital control can also help reduce the size of the power supply module.