Power Lithium Battery Recycling Market

- Nov 15, 2016-

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, a large number of power battery scrapped, China's battery recycling has become the scale of industry. Power battery recycling problems become a necessary weakness in environmental protection. A large number of scrapped batteries affects the environmental pollution and brought the inconvenience. China is the world's largest lead-acid battery market, will be scrapped every year more than 300 million tons of batteries, which re-refining lead alloy for lead-acid battery plant reuse production of new batteries, so the value of highly recyclable, Should be resolved inside a large number of heavy metals and battery liquid will cause pollution of the market, in fact, early for this problem, for the above issues, government, enterprises and consumers should actively play linkage mechanism to promote the battery recycling and recycling industry Development, to reduce the power battery pollution and waste problems, to extend the battery life and value chain.

There are two recycling process about power lithium recovery and utilization, echelon utilization and dismantling recycling. The recovery channel is mainly small workshops, professional recycling companies and government recycling centers accounted for less, with the expansion of industrial scale, recycling channels Will move toward standardization. Europe and the United States developed battery recycling system, power battery manufacturers bear the main recovery responsibility, China since 2016 has been implemented since the battery coding system, the establishment of traceability system, is expected to follow-up will continue to introduce a series of power lithium battery recycling, Industry norms. And how to increase the return of the best profit of the technical research and development, are related to security analysis, in order to actively promote the outbreak of the battery business model innovation policy will gradually for the market and enterprises to find subsidies to promote the healthy development of the market industry.

With the scrapped battery market is gradually being opened, in the next two years will form a power lithium battery recycling market chain, the formation of billions of market value, duration can be as long as 10 years. Power lithium recovery business layout, and have the relevant technical and qualification certificates of enterprises, will undoubtedly achieve a certain first-mover advantage. With the expansion of industrial scale, industry standards and laws and regulations gradually improved, recycling channels and recycling costs will become the core of the industry competition, when large-scale power battery / material manufacturers are expected to come from behind.