How To Choose The Battery Of Power Bank ?

- Sep 05, 2019-

As a derivative of battery, the cell of power bank has three different types ,they are polymer lithium battery,18650 lithium battery, AAA nickel metal hydride battery.  With the popularity of mobile phone ,digital camera, video camera and portable DVD,PDA,MP4,GPS , especially in the period when smart phone is popular in China, power bank is well known and the sales of it are blooming in recent times. 

The basic working principle of power bank is to storage and transport electricity, so we can compare it to a larger battery ,and because the portable battery is small in size, large in capacity, easy to carry and has a lower price, it can meet the demands of business people, young people, and tourists who are not satisfied with the capacity of the original battery and those who need to use battery for a long time.

Compared with polymer batteries and AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries, the cost of using 18650 as a mobile power storage battery is much cheaper. Therefore, many mobile power manufacturers still use 18650 batteries to improve the price competitiveness of their products. However, in some battery explosion cases exposed in recent years, laptop batteries with 18650 batteries have the most explosions, and mobile power supplies with 18650 batteries are potentially dangerous in terms of safety because 18650 batteries are used. The steel casing or the aluminum casing is sealed, and the internal pressure is huge. Once the internal heat is overheated or improperly operated, the internal pressure is concentrated and released into the outer sealed steel or aluminum casing, and the destructive force is like a small bomb.

Because consumers lack understanding of the cognitive and normative use of 18650 batteries, it is like burying a bomb that can be detonated at any time. Compared with the 18650 lithium battery, the safety performance of the mobile power source with lithium polymer battery is practically guaranteed. For example, the leading brand of high-end digital peripherals, Paick, has achieved international standards in both innovative technology and material appearance. More importantly, Paick's range of products are based on advanced lithium polymer batteries, which provide high quality and high quality products for daily use.

Industry experts believe that when consumers choose mobile power products, it is best to first see whether the battery composition of mobile power is polymer or 18650, not familiar with the safety of mobile power, it is best to choose safe and secure brand products at the time of purchase. For example, the high-end digital peripherals leading brand Paick Paike's series of mobile batteries, the mobile power supply, and second, should pay attention to the correct use of the method, to avoid overcharge, short circuit and other things.