Valmet Begins Mass Production Of Power Batteries, Holding 22% In Ningde Era.

- Sep 18, 2019-

Foreign media reported that Finnish auto supplier Valmet Automotive Oy invested 7 million euros (about 54.58 million yuan) to build a new one in Bad Friedrichshall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Battery Test Center (BTC). The completion of the center will enhance Valmet's testing capabilities for electric vehicle batteries and battery systems.


It is understood that the center will be fully tested in February 2020. In order to be able to use BTC quickly, Valmet will also introduce four Liszt (AVL) container-type test benches to expand its existing battery testing capabilities, set in a 1500 square meter center site, test battery cells, modules , environmental performance, function and safety of the battery system.


Dr. Robert Hentschel, Managing Director of Valmet Automotive Engineering Co., Ltd. stressed: “We are on the market as a development partner for automotive companies. With the new test center, we are expanding the industry's much-needed testing capabilities for electric vehicle battery and battery systems. ”


It is worth noting that Valmet will also begin mass production of electric vehicle battery packs for the first time at the Nokia factory in Salo (Finland) this fall.


Based on the company's strategy, Valmet Automotive is actively expanding the operation and service of its electric vehicle solutions. The Salo plant is designed to be an important step in the implementation of the strategy to produce a large number of battery packs for the needs of the automotive industry.


Valmet is one of the world's largest auto contract manufacturers, a Tier-1 system's Tier 1 system supplier and an important development partner for the global automotive industry.


In its development strategy, Valmet focuses on electric vehicles and battery systems. The group's business is divided into four sectors: manufacturing, engineering, electric vehicle systems, roof & sports systems. Since its inception in 1968, Valmet has produced more than 1.4 million vehicles at its Uusikaupunki plant in Finland, with partners including Saab, Opel, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.


In February 2017, Ningde Times announced that it had invested 30 million euros (equivalent to 31.389 million US dollars) to acquire a 22% stake in Valmet Automotive Co., Ltd., becoming the third largest shareholder after Pontos (39%) and Tesi (39%). Both parties indicated that they will work together on technical cooperation in the field of electric vehicles.


Through the acquisition of Valmet's equity, Ningde Times has acquired a deep cooperation channel for common high-end automotive customers, which will help it to quickly enter the European electric vehicle market. It is understood that the important cooperation between the two parties will focus on project management, engineering design and battery storage for electric and hybrid vehicles.


Valmet Automotive CEO Ilpo Korhonen said: "The strategic cooperation between the two companies can complement the expansion of the two electric vehicles. In order to achieve this close cooperation, Valmet and Times New Energy have launched cooperation to jointly study the two sides in electric Roadmap for cooperation and development in the automotive sector."