Portable UPS Uninterrupted Outdoor Portable Multi-function Emergency Power Supply

- Oct 11, 2019-

Portable UPS uninterrupted outdoor portable multi-function emergency power supply. The portable UPS uninterruptible power supply not only has high capacity, high power and is easy to carry, it is very suitable for use as an outdoor emergency power supply. The portable portable UPS has small size, large capacity and convenient carrying, and has won the favor of customers. It has become a necessary power source for outdoor emergency.

Portable UPS uninterrupted outdoor portable multi-function emergency power supply

Portable UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply is an online portable AC/DC power supply unit with built-in uninterruptible power system. It has a safe lithium-ion battery and inverter conversion technology. It is light in weight, high in capacity, high in power and integrates multiple functions. Can provide you with a convenient mobile power solution.

The portable UPS AC and DC power supply is built by our company on the basis of extensive user feedback and combined with the power supply for many years of professional accumulation. The new design uses imported lithium battery as the main body of energy storage. It has the characteristics of small size, large capacity, light weight, high power and easy to carry. It provides you with a simple mobile UPS power solution; it is widely used in outdoor office and medical rescue. Fire rescue, field recreation, emergency communications, environmental monitoring and other fields.

In order to make it easier for users to carry portable UPS power when moving outdoors, the overall shape design is as light and portable as possible, and transportation is convenient. Usually, there are two types of portable, one is a small-capacity portable UPS. Its shape is designed according to the habit of everyone's backpack, and reference to many types of backpacks and handbags, etc., finally selected The shape is a laptop-like handbag, and it is also equipped with a long strap, which can be carried on one shoulder or multiple.

Outdoor UPS portable portable UPS power supply The whole appearance is designed as a trolley case, which can be carried with the vehicle and assembled on site. It can be carried and can be pulled on the ground to facilitate rapid movement from one site to another. The 220V portable AC/DC power supply is easy to carry and provides green sustainable and reliable power supply for various emergency scenarios.

Portable UPS power supply application scenario

With the development of society in terms of human life, the demand for portable UPS emergency power supply has gradually emerged. Outdoor power problems, equipment backup problems, power outages. Due to lack of electricity or power outages, work cannot continue; due to lack of electricity or power outages, equipment, machinery, and tools are stopped; due to lack of electricity or power outages, people's normal lives are affected; due to geographical restrictions, outdoor areas and other remote areas are out of power. , resulting in inability to work and affect normal life and work.

Portable UPS products are relatively complete in variety and cover a wide range of scenarios. The main application scenarios include emergency communication, electric power repair, medical equipment, exploration and mapping, military, firefighting and disaster relief, outdoor environmental testing and other areas, as well as areas with extensive power shortages.