Production And Key Points Of Lithium Battery Module Design

- Jul 23, 2019-

Power lithium battery module, a number of single cells through the conductive connector series and parallel into a power supply, fixed in the design position through technology, structure, synergetically play the function of electric energy charging, discharging and storage. It can be said that the basic role of modules is to connect, fix and protect. The mode of connection between cell monomer and module bus will not only affect manufacturing efficiency, but also affect the performance of battery after loading.


Introduction to lithium battery modules:
Lithium battery module can be understood as an intermediate product between the battery and pack formed by combining lithium ion cells in series and parallel mode and installing single battery monitoring and management device. Its structure must support, fix and protect the cell, which can be summarized into 4 major items: mechanical strength, electrical performance, thermal performance and fault handling capacity.

Whether the position of the cell can be well fixed and protect it from damaging deformation, how to meet the requirements of current-carrying performance, how to meet the control of the temperature of the cell, whether the power can be cut off in the case of serious abnormalities, and whether to avoid the spread of heat out of control, etc., will be the criteria for judging the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery modules. High-performance demand for lithium battery modules, whose thermal management solutions have shifted to liquid-cooled or phase-change materials.

There are too many wires connected in the lithium battery pack, and too many manual welding steps lead to problems such as welding and assembly. There are so many parts and components that it is difficult to assemble, with high failure rate and high cost.


Design and production of lithium battery module:
The whole process of lithium battery module design actually includes the goal that you need to define the whole module design, the integration of module design details, a set of complete module design verification process, including the structure, electrical, cooling safety parts, should be implemented in it.Generally speaking, a lithium-ion battery pack needs sorting out we will design a module of block diagram, main is to put the parts, including electrical, mechanical structure, vehicle coupling, fixed aspects are connected, enter into all electrical structural part needs, so that you can give us each part of the design goal can narrated.


Key points of structural design of lithium battery module:
Reliable structure of lithium battery: anti-vibration and anti-fatigue; Controllable process: no overwelding, virtual welding, to ensure 100% no damage to the cell.
Low cost: low automation cost for PACK production line, including production equipment and production loss;
Easy disassembly: lithium battery pack is easy to maintain, repair, low cost, the battery can be used step by step good.