Proper Way Of Charging An E-Scooter Power Cell

- May 27, 2020-

Electric scooters are considered to be “toys for the big boys”. Not only that it reminds us of the good old days of childhood, but it’s also a very useful vehicle that offers a lot of benefits. They can be an ideal and practical option for traveling short distances and they can also save time.

This electric or battery-powered vehicle also has a childlike charm that makes it very exciting to use. Traveling with such an efficient and sleek vehicle also makes it very easy for you to navigate around congested areas reducing your travel time effortlessly.

However, taking care of it to keep it in top shape is crucial if you want to enjoy this small benefits. And one of the best ways to make sure that your scooter will always provide you smooth travels is properly charging its battery.

Here we are going to give you the complete step by step E-scooter charging instructions to make sure that its battery is always in good shape. We will also give you some of the good charging habits to help you extend the battery life of your scooter, allowing you to have a reliable mini travel buddy for several years.

Lead Acid Replacement: LiFePO4 battery pack 12.8V 6.8Ah





Cell Model:IFR26650-34A

Size (L*W*H) :151*65*95mm

Weight :1.0Kg

Charging your e-scooter battery properly will directly reflect on the vehicle’s performance. It will also help you take care of the battery of the vehicle. Below is a step by step instruction on how to properly charge the battery of your e-scooter. An instruction based on the actual process which common to every user’s manual of any brand of electric scooter.

Detach and Remove the Power Cell from the Scooter

When charging an e-scooter battery, the first thing to do is to remove and detach it from the vehicle. Most of the electric scooters are designed with clipping mechanism to easily attach and detach the battery from the compartment. All you have to do is to gain access to it and disconnect the battery.

Charging the battery while it’s detached or separated from the scooter helps keep the power cell healthy. It significantly reduces the heat coming off from the battery because it has the tendency to get hot.

Attach the E-Scooter Battery to the Charging Device

Once the battery is removed from the scooter. The next step is to attach it to the charging device. The charging device included that comes with the scooter may vary depending on the manufacturer, but they usually come in two types of orientation.

One is the typical easy to use plug and play type where you’ll just put the battery in an encasement or a charging duct. Then the other one is where you’ll have to use two cables to be attached to the battery’s terminals.

Regularly Check the Battery Charger Indicator

It usually takes six to twelve hours to charge the battery of an e-scooter. Most probably twelve hours for a dead power cell. Battery chargers will also have a charge indicator that has a multicolor LED light to tell if the battery is charging and when it’s completely charged. Charging status usually uses a red light then green for a full-charge status.

Attach or Reinstall the Battery to the Scooter

Once you have a fully-charged power cell, it’s now ready to be used. All you have to do is to detach the battery from the charging device. Then reinstall it to the scooter by simply attaching it to the clipping mechanism in the battery compartment. Then your e-scooter is ready to go.

Charging Tips to Keep the Battery Healthy

The process of charging an electric scooter battery is very easy and straightforward. It doesn’t require complicated steps to be done. So the only tip then you have to keep in mind is to charge the battery if you get the chance to do it.

Charging it after every use whether it’s a short trip or long distance trips will keep the chemical within it active, keeping it healthy.


The E-scooter charging instructions provided above is applicable to most of the brands of this electric vehicle. That step by step guide is based on the actual and standard process of properly charging the battery of an electric scooter.