Qatar's First Electric Car Charging Station Was Completed

- Mar 09, 2018-

Qatar's first electric car charging station has been completed, the qatari news network reported.The plant by Qatar electricity and water company (Kahramaa) is responsible for building, located at Kahramaa Awareness park, Qatar is launched the first phase of the electric vehicle charging station project construction, is also a part of the green car initiative of Qatar.

Reported that Qatar were planning nine stations across the country, the rest of the charging station will be located in the headquarters of Kahramaa Regis, doha, Qatar foundation headquarters, Qatar science park (QSTP), etc.

Essa Kahramaa President bin Hilal Al Kuwari, said: "in May of last year, energy and industry, the ministry of transport of Qatar with Kahramaa signed the 'green car initiative, emphasis on maintaining the importance of clean, healthy and safe environment.It will also help Qatar achieve its goal of reducing emissions in 2022.

Qatar has previously reiterated at the Bonn climate conference that it will follow the Paris agreement and work with countries around the world to reduce climate change and achieve sustainable development.