Qingdao Has Built A New Energy Ecosystem Of 240 Million Kilowatt-hours

- Sep 05, 2017-

On August 25, China energy storage net news: reporter understands from lacey had, is located in lacey had the army wu river Ma Lianzhuang town of Qingdao wall, a new source of wind power project 100000 mw wind farm formally put into production, the project starts, the annual output will reach 240 million degrees, can save a year BiaoMei about 75000 tonnes a year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 190000 tons.At this point, Qingdao coastal, jimo hot spring, fengcheng and pingdu, laixi and other places have formed the new energy wind power ecological economic circle.

Reporters along the lacey had Ma Lianzhuang army wu river town, in the clear water, green trees, blue sky shaded, running a high stand the power of the fan is spinning merrily, compose a new picture of green new energy development."This is the first phase of the new wind power project in wall, and after the first fan started to be connected to the grid on June 29 this year, the first phase of the fan will be connected to the grid."The general manager of Qingdao walxinyuan wind power co., LTD. Is planning to develop a 300MW wind farm project in the river head store and the town of ma lianzhuang in the city of laixi. The project will be built in three phases.The first phase of the project, with a capacity of 96MW and an investment of 820 million yuan, broke ground on December 29, 2015 and was connected to the Internet on June 29.It is estimated that the annual power generation will be about 240 million, and the tax revenue will be about 40 million yuan, which will save about 75,000 tons per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 190,000 tons.Second - and third-stage projects are moving forward.Because Ma Lianzhuang town, unique geographical location, the wind here is stable and no frequent geological disasters, so the second and third phase of the wind farm project engineering all settle in Ma Lianzhuang town, with a total investment of RMB 1.6 billion, respectively, 96 sets of installed capacity of 2 mw wind turbine.The second phase of the project is to build the 100MW river cliff wind farm and the ma lianzhuang wind farm project, which is expected to be opened by the end of 2017 and put into production in 2018.After the second phase of the project was put into operation, the combined reduction of annual generating capacity was about 230m KW/h, and the annual generating sales revenue was rmb1.403 billion.The project is to build a 100MW wind farm in tangjiagang, which is expected to be approved by the end of this year.All over the next three phase after the completion of the project, compared with the equivalent capacity of thermal power project, according to BiaoMei coal consumption of 356 g/KW. H meter, will save the country each year 256200 tons of standard coal, accordingly can reduce a variety of harmful gas and emissions a year.

The Qingdao wind power generation circle has formed

"At present, Qingdao has built wind farms, and the new energy wind power generation ecosystem has been formed."Qingdao observatory meteorological expert introduction, Qingdao belongs to monsoon climate, with advantaged wind energy resources, every spring, autumn and winter wind is generally at level 3 or above, very suitable for wind power.In addition to the flatness of the mountain, Qingdao's immediate and west coast areas also have wind farms suitable for wind power.With the influence of laoshan and the island, it forms a long and narrow belt of "high wind belt" which is more than 60 kilometers long and has the natural conditions of "wind power generation".Since 2002, a series of large-scale wind power projects, such as the Qingdao huawei wind power project, the wind power project of huateng international, and the Spanish wind power project, have been settled in an instant.