Qinghai Haixi Has Built The First Tower Type Molten Salt Storage Power Station

- Aug 31, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: on August 26, in the afternoon, "one river water flowed eastward 2017 national key network media see the qinghai" their visit to a line to qinghai central solar power company, to visit our country's first interview molten salt storage solar-thermal power tower.

Walked into the hall, the first thing you encounter is "solar-thermal power tower" sand table model, marked with "steam generator", "high temperature molten salt heat storage tank", "low temperature molten salt heat storage tank", "heat absorption tower", "heliostats" and other words.Han huizhen, deputy general manager of China controlled solar power company, detailed the photothermal power generation process and the supporting facilities.In the lower right model, clearly marked with two lines of characters "solar thermal power generation, farewell coal era", it can be seen that central solar companies in actual progress of the thermal power generation, revealed a sense of conviction of field as well as the core technology leading the solar-thermal industry confidence.

"We see this more than 90 meters high tower drum, drum tower with sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate as raw materials in the store hot melt salt, blue line will be heating heat storage material to the drum tower, after reaching certain heat through the blue line to transfer heat to the conventional power island, heat the quantity of heat of molten salt to the water, formation, high temperature steam driving turbine to generate electricity.""Han huizhen introduced."It generates 50, 000 kilowatts of electricity per hour, and is able to recoup its costs in nine years under state subsidies, but there is absolutely no pollution from electricity generation.

Subsequently, the visiting team came to the site of the thermal power station, with a total area of more than 400 standard football fields.Because of the rain, people failed to see the glow of the heat sink, if it is sunny, under the surface of more than 20,000 surface of the sun mirror, the heat absorber gleam, quite spectacular.The heliostat will automatically switch angles as the sun's light changes 24 hours a day."In order to ensure the sun light refraction to the greatest extent to the heat absorber, mirror daily clean-up work is also a necessary part, the background can manipulate every row of mirrors show 90 degrees make it erect, wash the car is feasible in the water to scrub, with mirror automatically transform different angles, reflecting the blue sky white cloud, forming a beautiful beautiful scenery line.Unfortunately, the weather is so bad today!"Speaking, han huizhen laughed together with the live media reporter.

Through many years of sustained investment, central solar energy company now owns tower molten salt storage solar-thermal power generation complete intellectual property rights, including 67 invention patents, 36 patents of utility model, such as solar thermal power generation technology innovation, the company independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights of technology and equipment, to complete a number of new products and equipment development, focusing accuracy and efficiency of field technical indicators reached the international first-class level, created a number of China's first.At present, the phase ii 50MW photothermal demonstration project is also under construction and is expected to generate electricity by the end of 2018.The project has been listed by the national development and reform commission as a key support project of the state strategic emerging industries, and has been selected as the first batch of thermal power generation demonstration projects in the national energy administration.

Qinghai says Xiong Buqing, general manager of central solar power co., LTD., xi general requirements to handle properly the relationship between resource utilization and ecological environment protection, as a new energy enterprise, we must actively promote the formation of guidance and support to innovation as the main economic system and development model, stick to the path of green cycle low carbon, to realize the economic quality, and the efficiency upgrading, promote sustainable and healthy economic development.