Qinghai: The Construction Of Lithium Industry Enters A New Stage

- Sep 06, 2017-

China energy storage net news: recently, byd lithium electricity industry project, as the lithium electricity industry development in qinghai province and one hundred billion yuan one of the important projects of lithium electricity industry base construction, now in xining, whereas haidong539 and hercynian construction of three areas of the project are full launch, project construction in full swing to enter "Huang Jinji battle" period.

Letter from qinghai province committee, according to the qinghai province and BYD Company Limited cooperation framework agreement was signed, the province with a view to the lithium electricity industry development lithium electricity industry base construction and one hundred billion yuan, annual output of 10 gw power battery, annual output of 20000 tons, annual output of 30000 tons of lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate three projects into "Huang Jinji battle" key to track project, organize many related areas, departments and industrial park held special propulsion to coordinate, supervise and urge to speed up the equity adjustment, technical preparation, key elements of security, the necessary conditions to carry out the work and so on, full support to speed up the construction project.

Among them, nanchuan industrial park produces 10 GWH power lithium battery production projects.The project total investment 4 billion yuan, at present, the project has been completed for industry and commerce registration, land application, grading, the feasible eia, seven-provided and one leveled, process layout, and drawing design etc, at the base and plant construction stage, overall progress smoothly, is planned to be completed in June 2018 and put into production equipment installation and debugging, the whole process.Haidong 20,000 tons of iron phosphate construction project.The total investment of the project is 1.2 billion yuan. At present, the preparation of the project is in place, and it is in the construction stage of the foundation and the plant, and the overall progress is smoothly, and the construction of the workshop is completed by the end of the year.Haixi 30,000 tons of lithium carbonate project.The project plans to invest 3 billion yuan, the byd to develop a new type of adsorbent process validation in good condition, the joint venture company shareholders to technical preparation of what technology is respectively, plans to start in September.

It is understood that the next step will be around the province of qinghai province steady growth, promote investment center work tasks, in order to "fall campaign" for the gripper, continue to push key project leadership led system, actively coordinate the outstanding problems that exist in the project construction, ensure the byd three projects to speed up the construction progress, to start working.