Singapore Battery Recycling Company Will Add Two Recycling Plants

- Nov 09, 2019-

Recently, TES, a battery recycling company in Singapore, released a message announcing the details of investing in two new recycling plants, and the company took action as a “leader” in the field of battery recycling. The company also announced an intention to reuse used electric vehicle batteries in commercial and residential applications.
The battery recycling company TES is supported by the Navis Capital Partners investment fund in Kuala Lumpur. TES has opened two battery recycling plants in Singapore and Grenoble, France, and TES will invest about $25 million in this, which will help it provide the highest in the industry for lithium, cobalt, copper and aluminum. Commodity grade recycling rate." The recycling company also revealed plans to use discarded electric vehicle (EV) batteries for energy storage applications in commercial and residential applications.

TES claims to be "the world's largest e-waste recycler." The company said its proprietary "hydrometallurgical" recovery system will use a chemical treatment process to recover lithium and cobalt after magnetic separation of copper and aluminum.

Foreign media believe that TES is vague about its electric vehicle battery reuse plan (which the company calls an energy storage system), only that TES is working with a "strategic partner" to launch the service. Although the company claims to offer “the highest commodity-level recovery rate in the industry”, it does not say how much water is needed for the recycling process, nor does it indicate whether the liquids can be reused, so we cannot guarantee that this is truly cyclical and economical. Recycling method.

Looking ahead, due to the rapid development of IoT devices, electric vehicles and mobile devices, the battery sector may face shortages of raw materials and commodities. These real-world challenges require real-world solutions. Working closely with EDB (Singapore Economic Development Authority) and NEA (National Environment Agency), TES was able to develop an innovative battery recycling solution that further strengthens Singapore's position as a hub for future circular economy.