Siemens Joins Tianmu Lake Research Institute To Set Up An Energy Storage Battery Research Center

- Oct 29, 2019-

Recently, Siemens Digital Industry Software announced that it plans to expand its battery research business in China by developing a project that will help expand the market for electric vehicles in the future.


The Siemens division will work closely with the Tianmu Lake Advanced Energy Storage Technology Research Institute (TIES), established by the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in April this year, to develop new battery technologies. At the same time, Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science Park will also become a partner of the project.


The partners will spend 500 million yuan ($70 million) to establish a battery technology innovation center in Fuyang, China. The center was put into use this year, and the project partners stated that Siemens' digital services will enable the center to perform design simulation, test analysis, pilot verification and engineering simulation.


The Innovation Center will provide comprehensive digital services for advanced battery innovation chains and industry chains, including design simulation, test analysis, pilot test and engineering simulation. At the same time, the Innovation Center will provide high-quality professional digital transformation services for Chinese and international manufacturing companies, including digital manufacturing consulting services for large and medium-sized enterprises, implementation of complete digital enterprise solutions, and research and development of digital platforms for small and micro enterprises. Share the lab. The Innovation Center will promote advanced battery technology research, promote industry chain synergy, and enable partners to develop cutting-edge battery technologies to meet the needs of future electric vehicles.


The project partner said that this approach will promote cooperation throughout the supply chain, enabling partners to develop "the cutting-edge battery technology needed to enhance the future of electric vehicles."


At the same time, Europe is also betting on energy storage. In October 2017, the European Union announced the launch of the Battery Alliance, followed by a 10-20GW energy storage plan. By 2025, the value of the European market alone could reach 250 billion euros ($274 billion). In the Asian manufacturer-led energy storage market, demand will reach 400 GWh by 2025, and the European battery industry currently accounts for only 3% of global supply.