Researchers Have Built 'proton'batteries To Replace Expensive Lithium With Cheap Carbon

- Mar 16, 2018-

Researchers at RMIT University have created the world's first rechargeable "proton" battery.It is characterized by cheap carbon and water, replacing expensive and scarce lithium materials.Engadget explains that the battery is essentially a "mixture" of hydrogen fuel cells and chemical batteries.When charged, the water is separated to produce a proton, which is then combined with a carbon electrode through the membrane.Crucially, the process is done without producing hydrogen.

研究人员打造“质子”电池 用廉价碳取代昂贵的锂

When need to release the energy storage, hydrogen releases, restore to electronic can provide energy in the form of an electronic, and (hydrogen) protons and oxygen (and the other electrode) combined with formation water.

In fact, not producing hydrogen is the most striking thing about this technological breakthrough!Conventional fuel cells have to produce hydrogen and then decompose it into protons, but this process reduces overall efficiency.

The new technology makes the proton battery do not produce hydrogen, so it is more efficient.

Lead researcher professor John Andrews says the technology is expected to be commercially available within five to 10 years.By then, it could be the basis for a home storage system like Powerwall, even as a backup for solar/wind power.