Researchers In Britain Have Launched A Photovoltaic Forecasting Tool

- Aug 30, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: a team at the university of Sheffield has launched a service, photovoltaic energy level 3 days, to predict the grid operators to make decisions, further reduce the cost, improve the efficiency of power system.

In a program called "Sheffield" solar energy projects, working with researchers at the university of British national grid operators working more closely with the national grid, development of photovoltaic power generation can be predicted 72 hours in advance, in order to realize the interests of the grid operators.

In the UK, the first "coal free day" was enjoyed in May and June, with renewable energy starting to account for a large proportion of the global generation in other regions.Therefore, it is necessary to solve the inherent intermittency of renewable energy generation and ensure the balance of power grid.

Monitoring and predicting energy production is one way to mitigate this effect - with advanced photovoltaic power output information that enables operators to use or store more efficiently.

Sheffield solar team had to work with the national grid, calculated the photovoltaic system real-time power tools is now further the real-time output data and weather forecast together, in order to accurately estimate the future production.The tool is still in development and will be available free of charge until October 31.

The team now plans to further promote the project and says they are working on plans to provide forecasts on a regional basis for individual photovoltaic.