Researchers May Be Able To Solve Battery Overheating Problem By Adding A Coating.

- Jul 11, 2019-

Recently,researchers at the university of Texas at Dallas already find a solution to solve the lithium ion battery thermal runaway problem  (that is the accumulation of excessive heat). The research team said the battery capacity can be increased by 20-30% after overcoming the battery overheat problem,at the same time, reduces the chances of battery fire and explosion.


There have been many electric vehicle fir accidents in China previously,so it's suggested to strengthed the power battery safety standards. Battery heat build-up the cause of battery fire and explosion,the research team of Texas think that the problem of battery thermal runaway is not the inside of  battery,but the surface of battery cathode material. When battery keeps charging,the surface of material begins to degrade,the energy released will lead to battery heating,it's possible to cause security problems.


In addition,during the continuous charging of the battery,oxygen is released from the surface of the battery material,and the transmission path of the lithium ions from the inside to the outside of the battery may be blocked by metal nickel dust generated by the release of gas. When the blockage occurs,the lithium ion coming in and out of the battery can not be transferred,resulting in a rapid decline in battery capacity. A special oxide coating could be added to the surface of battery to solve the problem of battery thermal runaway. It could increase the capacity of the battery by 20-30%,which may change the way of making batteries,the team said.