Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Generation Zhejiang Is Developing Rapidly

- Sep 02, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: hangzhou this summer the temperature is high, like a sauna, a pavilion, day and night open air conditioning in send cool at the same time also brought the high electricity bills, many families have a little heartache.And in linan, tonglu, yu hang and other places, many families are enjoying free electricity, the electricity can be used to sell money, even government subsidies!This benefit, thanks to the "zhejiang million home roofing photovoltaic project" which the province began to push forward last year.

The day before yesterday, the national indoor photovoltaic application experience exchange meeting and brand alliance promotion activity (zhejiang station) was held in hangzhou.According to the introduction, from January to July this year, more than 5,600 new photovoltaic power stations in hangzhou have been added, bringing the total number to over 10,000.More than 85,000 families have installed rooftop photovoltaic power stations in the province.In fact, in recent years, with the constant improvement of the photovoltaic industry technology level and application cost decreased obviously, and the price, fiscal, tax and other policies introduced gradually, strong growth in photovoltaic market in China.

As domestic photovoltaic industry leading enterprises, in the field of photovoltaic power station residents roof, chint pioneered the roof leasing mode, people don't have to invest a penny, as long as the roof for rent, can enjoy overland yuan to one thousand yuan a year.And chint besides is responsible for the installation of department, responsible for 20 years for the photovoltaic power station operation and maintenance service for free, and free repair leaking roof, water heater displacement of free maintenance and a series of service measures.Zhengtai is also the first in the industry to offer a 10-year free insurance service.