Russia Continues To Armenia Gas At Preferential Prices

- Nov 07, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to Armenian news agency reported that on October 24, Russian prime minister dmitry medvedev said that Russia will continue in 2018 to supply gas to Armenia preferential price.

Eurasian economic union between government council meeting on October 25, held in the Armenian capital yerevan.On October 24, medvedev arrived in yerevan ahead of schedule, Carla's strong held talks with prime minister in Armenia.Medvedev said that although the two sides had agreed to in accordance with market changes to adjust the price of natural gas, but Russia in 2018 will continue to supply gas to Armenia with preferential price.The economic development and improve the investment environment will be conducive to Armenia.

Carla's strong, said Armenia cooperation with Russia has huge potential.Between the two countries will develop further cooperation relationship., said a joint statement issued after talks between the two countries will work together to promote a series of cooperation projects.