Russia's First Commercial Wind Farm Was Officially Launched.

- Jan 19, 2018-

Fortum, a Finnish developer, recently announced that the first commercial wind farm in Russia would begin production.

The wind farm is known to be located near the city of ulyanovsk, with 620,000 residents.The total cost of the project was 65 million euros.

Chinese turbine maker dongfang turbine co., LTD. Offers turbines for the wind-power project.

The project has been awarded a competitive selection of renewable energy projects administered by the department of energy and is therefore entitled to an energy supply agreement (CSA).Under the agreement, Fortum received payments of between 180 and 200 euros per megawatt during the 15-year guarantee period.

Fortum, a Finnish developer, teamed up with Russian technology giant Rusnano to acquire 1 gigawatt of capacity in 26 projects in a June 2017 tender.The venture's wind farm projects will be in use by 2022.