Russia's First Solar-powered Drone Will Fly Before The End Of The Year

- Oct 28, 2017-

China's energy storage network news: izvestia has been informed by the company that the first solar high-altitude drone, the stork, has been flown by the end of the year.

According to the paper, the "stork" la-252 can extract energy from sunlight and continuously fly continuously throughout the year.

Pull a swatch gold joint scientific research production company general manager, sergei ˙ column may shed, told the newspaper: "six to nine months in 2017 experiments confirmed that the calculation parameters basically, except for the flying height.

This is because the aircraft must be registered specifically for flight in the stratosphere, and it needs to be formally licensed by the local aviation administration.

Izvestia, points out that to pull a swatch gold joint scientific research production companies ready to apply to the department of trade and industry in Russia for unmanned aircraft airworthiness certificate, also prepared for allowing the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight in Cuban airport in November and December.