Russian Media Say China's Leading Space Solar Power Station Research Has Attracted National Attention

- Nov 15, 2017-

China energy storage net news: Russian media, said li Ming, director of the China aerospace science and technology group co., LTD. Five yuan science and researcher in an interview with China's science and technology daily, China is expected to be the world's first deployment in space solar power station.

Russia, according to itar-tass reported on November 3, said li Ming, Chinese solar power in space research has entered the world, "such as to maintain and further strengthen research and development, China is expected to become the world's first built have practical value space solar power state".

Scientists believe that space solar energy is an efficient, durable and clean source of energy compared with the increasingly depleted and environmentally polluted fossil energy.

Solar power and wind power, water and electricity, compared with the ground space solar power station is not affected by the natural factors such as latitude, weather, day and night areas, flexible, and power transmission to remote areas, the affected areas and important facilities for directional power supply or mobile power supply.

Russia, the United States and Japan have been investing in the sector, and research is being carried out in India, South Korea and the European space agency, the report said.

China has taken practical steps to build a space solar power plant since 2008 and has made significant progress in key technologies such as wireless energy transmission.

Wang li, a researcher at the five institutes, said: "it is not only the confidence of domestic experts, but also internationally that China has the ability and conditions to lead the way in the field...

In addition to technology, the construction of the space solar power stations, operation needs huge investment, wide market and factors such as environment, policy coordination, comprehensive factors in many countries are looking to China, think that China should play a important role in traction in this field."

According to experts, space solar power plants can improve China's ecological and energy situation, and drive technological innovation and emerging industries.