Teach You How To Carry A Lithium Battery Safely On The Plane

- Sep 04, 2019-

With the continuous development of battery technology, the superiority of lithium batteries has become increasingly prominent. The number of cycles of charging can reach 1000 times, and the general service life is 3-5 years, and the cost performance is very high. Lithium batteries have been widely used in daily life, bringing great convenience to our lives. Most of today's electronic products are powered by lithium batteries, such as mobile phones, cameras, computers, wireless speakers, GPS navigators, and so on.


Recently, there have been many unsafe incidents in which domestic passengers carry lithium batteries to smoke or burst. How to carry a lithium battery safely on the plane, we all need to learn. First of all, we have to choose a lithium battery produced by a regular manufacturer, the quality is relatively guaranteed. Lithium batteries produced by regular manufacturers are generally safer, and “the lithium-ion battery of the cottage version has a natural phenomenon. Secondly, measures to prevent short-circuits when carrying lithium batteries. For the short-circuit spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries, CAAC There are strict regulations on the transportation of lithium batteries. In order to facilitate the smooth travel of passengers on the plane, we will organize the following materials to learn with you:


(1) Please carry a spare lithium battery and a portable device with a lithium battery with you. Do not put the lithium battery in your baggage.


(2) The lithium battery to be carried should be protected against short circuit. For example: put in a battery box, plastic bag or cover the metal contacts of the lithium battery with tape to avoid contact with metal objects such as coins, keys, jewelry, etc.


(3) Lithium batteries carrying 100-160 watt hours must apply to the airline.


(4) It is forbidden to carry lithium-ion batteries of more than 160 watt hours.


(5) Check the bulky baggage containing lithium batteries, such as electric wheelchairs, please apply to the airline in advance.