Analyze TESLA Battery Safety Technology

- Sep 05, 2019-

As we all know, the battery of TESLA electric car uses the NCA series (nickel-cobalt aluminum system) 18650 lithium cobalt oxide battery provided by Panasonic. The single battery capacity is 3100 mAh (mAh, generally the unit we see on the battery is "Ann When, this is mainly based on different capacity batteries to choose different units).

This kind of battery is no stranger to us. Electronic digital devices such as laptops use this type of battery. Compared with the battery types used in other electric vehicles, the 18650 battery technology is more mature, and the specific energy (participating in the electrode reaction). The unit mass of the electrode material discharges the amount of electrical energy). It is almost twice as large as the lithium iron phosphate battery (BYD e6 (detailed picture quote)), that is, in the case of the same volume, the battery unit composed of 18650 batteries can Store more power. This is one of the reasons why TESLA uses this battery.

However, it is difficult to apply such a battery to an electric vehicle. For example, in order to meet the needs of an electric vehicle, it is necessary to use a plurality of 18650 lithium batteries, which has a problem to be solved, how to put They are combined.

The 85kWh MODELS battery unit uses a total of 8142 18650 lithium batteries. The engineers firstly distribute the batteries in blocks and pieces one by one to form an entire battery pack. The battery pack is located on the underbody.

Although the way of combining these thousands of batteries is considered by the industry to be an incredible thing, for the engineers of TESLA, it is a slightly more complicated arithmetic problem than the problem to be solved next.