Scientists Have Made New Polymers

- Mar 08, 2018-

Hydrogen as the future clean energy has great potential.The problem, though, is that it is difficult to safely store and carry hydrogen.A team of Japanese researchers recently developed a compact, flexible polymer that can be used to make a plastic container to store hydrogen and even carry it safely in a pocket.

Researchers at waseda university in Japan have shown that their new ketone/ethanol polymers are perfectly safe to store hydrogen.The researchers found an organic compound called fluorenone, which is used to make anti-malarial drugs, to make ketone/ethanol polymers.

The polymer can be molded into a plastic film that USES underwater electrolytic hydrogenation to fix the hydrogen at room temperature.And when the polymer in water under the action of iridium catalyst was heated to 80 ℃, the polymer would release the hydrogen.At the same time, the process of filling the hydrogen under mild conditions is repeatable without a significant decline.

The polymer is not flammable, has a low toxicity and is easy to handle, has a strong plastic line and is strong and not damaged.The future is expected to be used to build plastic containers to store hydrogen, which people can carry around in their pockets.The most likely application would be fuel cells in the automotive field, and also for households to store spare hydrogen energy at any time.