Scientists In The United States Have Found A Reason For A Shorter Battery Life.

- Jan 19, 2018-

Scientists in the United States, published in the latest issue of the journal science progress paper said that the lithium ion battery of lithium ion concentration fluctuation happens, which explains the reason of the lithium ion battery life shorter, is expected to help develop faster charging, the battery standby time longer.

A lattice is the structure of particles arranged in a geometric pattern.The researchers point out that the structure of the lattice is very uniform before the lithium ions enter the lattice. Once the lithium ions enter, they stretch the lattice, and when the lithium ions flow out, the lattice contracts again.The inhomogeneous movement of lithium ions may cause lasting damage.

The researchers speculate that the phenomenon could also occur in other high-performance battery chemicals, which could help develop batteries that can be charged for shorter periods of time and have longer battery life.